Glacier National Park


When we enter a national park, it is always blatantly obvious why the place has been preserved as a national resource. The 2 days we spent at Glacier National Park were packed with unbelievable views. According to several reports we’ve read, the glaciers here are disappearing. About 26 glaciers currently remain, down from 150 about a century ago. Here’s an article:

It’s fascinating to be here and to think about the history and the future of this land we live on. We picture what this all looked like before the glaciers shaped it into these tremendous mountains, and what it might turn into in the future. Will global warming wash away a lot of this? Will another ice age eventually freeze it up?

They say that if you summed up the history of the world into a 24 hour period, human existence would only take up about a second or so of that time. Knowing that we’re just a tiny blip in the history of these mountains, we realize how special it is to sit here with Duane, sipping whiskey on the shore of a glacial lake.


Our campsite next to a beautiful mountain lake.


Ultimate hammock buddy.




Our hike to Avalanche Lake.


Avalanche Lake.


Handsome photographer I ran across.1514DSC_0574


If you look closely, you might see mountain goats.


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