Daune Travels Canada

Lake Louise
Columbia Icefield
Fourth Lake
Fifth Lake

From top down.  Duane and Alex experience Lake Louise for the first time.  Duane tends to make friends everywhere he goes, even mountain goats.  Duane wanted so badly to take a swim in Fourth Lake and Fifth Lake at the Valley of the Five lakes,  Yes, their names are actually First Lake, Second Lake…etc.

In Jasper Nation Park Duane set out to find all of the Red Chairs, he found 3 (time restraints).  Pyramid Lake,Valley of the Five Lakes, and Edith Lake.


Duane: “If a human throws a ball in the woods, and there’s no dog there to fetch it, does anyone get the ball??”

Alex: “Duane, some things we just can’t know the answer to.”


Duane: “I almost caught that duck!”

Anne: “Duane, almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”


Duane: “In dog years, I’m much older than both of you, so technically I’m the head of this family.”



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