Packing it in and packing it out


Spending more time outside and camping means we have become more aware of how much garbage we produce. Even just driving around in the car, we see how much food packaging, etc we need to carry around and find a place for eventually. There have been a lot of times that we’ve held onto recyclables in the car for longer than we wanted, because there was nowhere to put them. Even when there were recycling bins, many of them wouldn’t accept certain types (only aluminum, or no paper, etc). In Canada, we found it a lot easier to find recycling bins, and more material types were accepted.

Alex recently has become more interested in innovative uses of plastic waste, which will hopefully become a successful industry. It’s crazy to think about how much plastic waste the healthcare industry, our bread and butter, puts out. Here’s a cool article and video about making roads out of plastic waste:

For our part, on this trip, we have been declining shopping bags where possible, using reusable drinking vessels when possible, and trying to avoid undue packaging in general. In a way, it’s been nice to have our traveling lifestyle force us to be better about our own waste.

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