How to drive the Alcan: the Milepost

tumblr_inline_oqzw7l3w9g1uik13p_540We were advised by a few people that the Milepost is a “must-have” when traveling along the Alcan. It’s an annual publication, about 700 pages in length, of detailed road guidance. It tells you where to look out for loose gravel, which historic lodges are open and which are closed, and where to get the best cinnamon bun in the world (multiple locations claim that–our data collection is still in progress).



tumblr_inline_oqzw9eCkM31uik13p_540The Milepost first started publication in 1949, a year after the Alcan first opened to public, non-military travelers. According to their website, the first edition was a 5″ x 8″ “saddle stitched booklet.” We found it to be indispensable on our trip, especially when it came to planning how far we could go before filling up our gas tank.

The Milepost has a thorough website, including a historical video/slideshow with old photographs from the road.

The Milepost, since 1949

Duane spent a lot of time researching and planning our route, which was very helpful.

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