Flattop Mountain at Glen Alps


This 1.5 mile, 1,350 vertical foot trail, just outside Anchorage, was more exciting with a little bit of snow at the top (we saw many foreign tourists with inadequate footwear, and one was scratching at the snow with her bare hands as she tried not to slip downwards near the summit). But, we made it, and so did Duane (he’s part mountain lion). Anne complained a lot about the cold.



There was beautiful Alpine tundra on the way up


tumblr_inline_oqzxygBDD11uik13p_1280tumblr_inline_oqzxz2rxDq1uik13p_1280Gorgeous tiny flowers in the tundra


Lichens are just about the hardiest visible organisms on Earth…they particularly thrive in environments where no other organism would go–on blowy mountain tops and arctic wastes, wherever there is little but rock and rain and cold… In areas of Antarctica where virtually nothing else will grow, you can find vast expanses of lichen–four hundred types of them–adhering devotedly to every wind-whipped rock. … It may take a lichen more than a half century to attain the dimensions of a shirt button. Those the size of dinner plates… are “likely to be hundreds if not thousands of years old.

~Bill Bryson

Can you spot that majestic mountain lion?
Almost to the summit
Feeling accomplished, until the group from China hiked the entire mountain in Blazers and penny loafers.

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