Fishing with Hill on the 2 Day

On the list of must DO’s in Alaska…FISHING!!!  Halibut and salmon fishing to be precise. Before leaving Colorado, we knew several of our friends from Denver Health were      already preparing to come to Alaska for a big triathlon.  This week, the Alaska Man Extreme Triathlon took place: a 2.6 mile swim through Resurrection Bay, 112-mile bike course with a 4,125′ gain, finishing with a 26.2 mile run with a 6,000′ gain. DSC_0004 Our friend Janetta, one of the sharpest doctors we work with at Denver Health, was here to compete. We were more than impressed by this insane display of fitness, and I was happy to plan some activities during the downtime.I found Fish with Hill Charters, out of Seward, AK to take us out for an all day fishing expedition. Our friends Kevin, Whitney, Bonnie, and Janetta’s parents were in town to support Janetta. They joined us, with a friend we met at Alaska Native, Mike and his dad on a quest for fish. We were fortunate to have a large enough group to basically take over the entire boat.  Capt. Hill was a little rough around the edges, but he knew where the fish were….

DSC_0027We caught everything from silver salmon and black sea bass to rockfish and halibut.  Capt. Hill was bragging for a while how often he was able to spot orcas, claiming 1 out of every 5 trips.  This was his fifth trip since the last orca sighting… sure enough as soon as that conversation ended…cue the Orca pods.  They were absolutely amazing to see in the wild.


Duane was eager to taste-test our catch.

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