Blueberry picking at Arctic Valley

Wild berry picking is a long-standing food subsistence activity for Alaska Native people. There are multiple types of berries to be found here, including blueberries, raspberries, salmon berries, cranberries, and more. We went to Arctic Valley, an old ski spot close to home in Anchorage, and picked berries from the tundra on the mountain side. Duane tried his best to lay down right on top of the berries we were picking.


We came home with probably 1.5-2lb of blueberries, and Alex made some extremely delicious blueberry cobbler with it. Got to add a little blubber to make it through winter, right? We’re still counting our cobbler as a healthy food. According to the NIH, Alaskan wildberries have more antioxidants on average than berries found in the lower 48:

Proof that Alex’s blueberry cobbler is good for you




Alex in the background, picking berries from the tundra. Our bluetooth speaker and Duane’s bear bell helped us keep away any interested bears.

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