Homer, and a visit from Lauren!


Anne’s best friend, Lauren, came to visit from Portland, OR during our 2 week break between work contracts at the hospital. We took a water taxi from the Homer spit to Tutka Bay and stayed in a yurt rented by the state. We enjoyed a wooded hike to a waterfall and some beautiful kayaking around the bay, including into a salmon hatchery lagoon. It was a rainy but charming stay.


Our yurt. There was a nearby outhouse which was leaning worse than Pisa and the door wouldn’t close. The open air commode concept was pretty refreshing. There was also a wood burning stove inside the yurt which made it nice and toasty.


We saw lots of adorable mushrooms (didn’t eat any this time), otters (a brown and a black one!), a coyote (which we told ourselves was a wolf), several seals who were very curious about our kayaks, approximately a million salmon (some dead, some old, some spawning), and lots of bald eagles. Oh, and like 5 large bear turds.

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We camped at Seaside Farm in Homer the night before the yurt trip. They had lots of delicious raspberries for us to pick! Alex made a cobbler out of it.


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