AND a visit from Ellie!


Anne’s other best friend, Ellie, showed up the same weekend as Lauren! Having had little time together over the past 10 years, we were determined to make it the most action-packed 2 day Alaska trip she would ever have.

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Above, our visit and leisurely hike to Byron Glacier. Duane was our escort.

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Above, our longer hike the same day, the Winner Creek Trail. This trail leads to a hand tram, a pulley-system kind of way of getting across a raging river down beneath. Duane was a little shaky but very brave in riding the tram!

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Last but not least, the Alaska State Fair! We enjoyed a lumber jack skills show, a true cowboy lasso professional named Loop Rawlins, and a roulette game in which Howard the rat determined winners based on which color hole he climbs into. Great way to earn a living, Howard.

What a fantastic quick trip with the ladies!




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