Anne takes flight!

Alex totally slam-dunked this birthday and bought me a flying lesson on a float plane. I have had some interest in flying a plane for a couple years now, but I always kind of assumed it wouldn’t happen, since I never plan to own a plane. When we left the house, I had no idea where we were goIMG_20170919_142643.jpging or what was about to happen. When we got to this airplane hangar and Alex told me I was going to fly a plane, I just laughed.

Our pilot, Walt, instructed me on how to add power, use the rudders and the flaps, and to steer the steering wheel. We took off and landed 3 times, landing in a few lakes. We saw moose resting on a gravel bar below us. It was exhilarating and the views were incredible, as usual here in Alaska. Happy birthday to me!


image (3)

image (5).jpg

That evening, dinner was another surprise. We ate at Simon and Seafort’s in downtown Anchorage. The halibut cheeks, crab legs, oysters, brie cheese, and creme brulee were pretty much all bathed in butter and so amazing.

All the seafood was caught in Alaska.


The restaurant has great views.

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