We’re back!

It’s been a whirlwind of a year. It’s actually been a full year since we posted to this site. As you probably know, some family medical problems came up on our departure from Alaska. We spent February-October 2018 living in Nashville with Alex’s family. It was really wonderful to have all that family time, and we were able to easily get nursing work. I (Anne) took a travel assignment in the ER at Nashville General Hospital where I met a lot of really awesome people, and Alex returned to his first nursing job ever in the Trauma ICU at Vanderbilt. Very exciting!

What’s even more exciting for us is that we got engaged! Alex stunned me with an incredible proposal in Costa Rica, a trip which we had been planning since before we arrived to Alaska. Many of our friends were there with us to celebrate, and it was a home-run of a vacation.

We will try to catch up on some photos and stories of our past year here on our blog, and we’ll update you on our current traveling adventure: Los Angeles, CA!




Here we are at Alex’s cousins’ Carly and Wilson’s wedding in June 2018.

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